Predictive Global Correlation Feed

After months of data gathering, we turned on a new global correlation feature that complements the existing local multi-session correlation. The aim is to further tighten the net and catch more bad stuff while also decreasing false positives.

We now show the ranking as total/global when we display an alert. When the global ranking is missing, it is because that event is only ranked locally and the global portion is unknown. When the total and global rank are the same (like 187/187 in the example below), it means that an event was ranked exclusively using global relevance and it would have been missed by the local analysis.

You can see the global ranks by going to the IDS rule management interface. IDS rules listed there will have the current global rank assigned to them for that day (if any).


This additional information complements the local multi-session correlation analysis by trying to look at things from a global intra-domain prospective:

If a domain similar to yours has experienced a significant amounts of high-priority network security incidents involving a particular IDS signature, that signature will receive a positive global rank in your domain.

The key here is the word “similar”. The events each customer generates are used to compute a similarity matrix that tells us how similar each network is to the others. Using this information, rather than recommending all high-priority signatures to all domains (we call this simple prediction), we only recommend what is most likely relevant to your domain (we call it predictive correlation).


Let us know how this works for you and if you have any questions.


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