Ntop Support for CentOS Sensors

Ntop is now part of the MetaFlows Security System (CentOS only for now). Ntop is an indispensable tool that provides historical and near real time flow statistics of your traffic. To use it, simply enable Ntop in you current sensor configuration page and do a hard restart of your sensor (this will download and install Ntop); that’s it! This is the beauty of Cloud-based computing!.

You can invoke Ntop either from (1) the Historical menu or (2) from the Real Time right-click menu. Each time you analyze a host with Ntop you can query back into the MetaFlows historical interface or you can try to extract files transmitted or received by that host (more on this in the next post).

Sensor Resources: In most cases your existing sensor should handle it fine (it uses 0.5 GB of memory and approximately an additional 25% of your current CPU usage). If you have concerns about performance, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@metaflows.com.