MetaFlows in the Top-20 Security Companies for 2015

CIOReview Magazine has selected MetaFlows as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies in 2015. In the article Cost Effectively Tackling Advanced Security Threats, we outline our approach to the security challenges for the upcoming decade. The internet is shifting from a client/server paradigm to a peer-to-peer, mobile environment.

Your Network Perimeter is Dissolving

breachesHeuristic-based network perimeter defences will become less and less effective because it is like applying medical diagnosis in an environment where new pathogens are created on a daily basis. So, heuristically determining what is bad and what is good may work initially, but it becomes a losing battle unless the network security operators are constantly updating their heuristics. Also, protecting the perimeter is not enough, once something makes it on the inside, the perimeter becomes irrelevant. We have seen that companies adopting this approach can be hacked no matter how much money they spend.

Share Intelligence

internet_graphSingle-vendor network security intelligence feeds have become ineffective due to the sophisticated global cooperation of hackers. Vendors that provide a single box and a single source of network intelligence are selling an inherently flawed promise. Products should be based upon integrating multiple collaborative intelligence feeds. The complexity and interconnectivity of the attacking adversaries requires a similar defense strategy.

MetaFlows has been innovating in these two important dimensions for the past seven years drawing from a thirty year Government-sponsored network security and intrusion detection research. The technical founders of MetaFlows (Livio Ricciulli and Phillip Porras) sharpened their teeth at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International, where intrusion detection was first developed back in 1983.

The best part is that these innovations are now commercially available through MetaFlows. The company is improving the security of a large number of networks (big and small) around the world.