MetaFlows Announces Virtual Sandboxing in Amazon Cloud: Advanced Feature in MSS Delivers Unlimited Scalability for Sandboxes


Las Vegas, NV, August 4, 2015 — MetaFlows, Inc., a leader in advanced, behavioral network security monitoring, announced today that MetaFlows Security System (MSS) users can now deploy a distributed virtual sandbox using the Amazon EC2 cloud. MetaFlows’ virtual sandbox spawns Amazon EC2 instances. Once the EC2 instance detonates the sample, it is simply wiped out and recycled. This new MSS feature enables users to run exploits exclusively in a virtual environment thus providing unlimited, on-demand sandbox resources.

Exploit samples can be submitted to the sandbox in two ways: discretely by the user, or automatically by the network-level monitoring performed by the MSS. The MSS can extract content from the network stream by either monitoring physical networks, or by performing deep packet inspection in the Amazon EC2 cloud (without requiring access to the networking layer).

“Sandboxing is a key weapon against malware, and users need flexibility and scale to use it properly,” said Frank Dickson, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan. “By initiating sandboxes on the Amazon EC2 cloud, MetaFlows offers sandbox resources on the fly without the expense of local servers.”

Advanced Features Driving MSS Sales

Virtual sandboxing and other exclusive, groundbreaking features (such as advanced multi-session IDS analysis, real-time correlation of collaborative intelligence, and Soft IPS) are driving increasing adoption and sales of MSS; the customer base has increased 400% since 2013. Recently, a cabinet-level department of the US government requisitioned MSS. Other commercial, educational, and government organizations have also acquired MSS. MetaFlows’ products are today enjoying considerable traction with virtually no marketing support because they demonstrably provide an unprecedented combination of cost-effectiveness and sophistication in the detection and prevention of malware and other network-based attacks.

MetaFlows’ MSS product will be on display at Black Hat USA at Paris/Bally’s in Las Vegas on August 5-6 at kiosk I-7. MetaFlows’ engineers will be available for live product demonstrations and deep technical discussions about the numerous innovations unveiled at the conference.