MetaFlows Announces Software-Based IDPS, Enables IDPS Hardware for 1/10 the Price

SaaS-based Global Correlation System Cuts False Positives, Improves Productivity
SAN DIEGO, CA, January 30, 2012 — MetaFlows, Inc., a startup focused on leveraging emerging cloud and virtualization technologies for the next generation of network security solutions, has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that allows IT managers to easily implement high-performance Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDPS) using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. This technology allows users to load balance existing IDPS applications (like Snort or Suricata) on commodity multi-core processors like the Intel I7, thus slashing the cost of network security hardware by at least an order of magnitude.
Until now, only proprietary machines that cost around $50,000 could run parallel streams of traffic on an IDPS system. The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) is a software-based solution that can divide traffic into multiple streams and process each of them on a separate CPU core to monitor up to 10 Gbps of sustained network throughput on standard, off-the-shelf servers costing $4,000 or less. The MSS extends the capabilities of common hardware to do packet filtering and web filtering as well, providing effective protection against cyber threats.
But perhaps the biggest achievement of the MSS software is that it lets users find security issues more quickly and more reliably. This is because the MSS performs intra-domain correlation of an unprecedented range of security event information (Network and Host IDS, Event Logs, Vulnerability Data), flows and dynamic reputation intelligence feeds.
“MetaFlows SaaS ensures security analysts deliver qualitative reporting by minimizing routine data center configuration and false positives, and it does this while minimizing capital and operational costs,” said Joshua Konkle, CISSP #39157 and Vice President of DCIG

The MSS’s, real-time, browser-based security console ranks events using a new predictive global correlation system mathematically similar to Google’s page ranking algorithm. Important events show up at the top and users can prevent, quickly investigate and remediate security and usage policies issues before they become critical.
“Businesses and other organizations benefit from our software because it affords them a level of security, network awareness and processing efficiency that has only been available to enterprises with large security budgets,” said Livio Ricciulli, CEO and Chief Research Scientist of MetaFlows. “MetaFlows customers get that same performance and even better security through more accurate event and flow analysis for a tenth of the price.”
For a video demonstration of the MetaFlows Security System, please visit

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