Automatic DNS Resolve

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We added a new preference setting in Account->Preferences to automatically resolve internal and/or external IP addresses to DNS names. As soon as the browser receives an IPv4 address from the sensor or a historical query, it will try to resolve it to a DNS name using the DNS server(s) used by the sensor (specified in /etc/resolv.conf). Obviously, not all IP addresses can be resolved to a DNS name and, therefore, some will stay in dotted-decimal format.

if you have some IPv4 addresses that are not in the DNS system and you want to resolve them, you can add them to the file /nsm/etc/hosts with the format. If the file does not exist, you can just create it:

#this is a comment <dns_name> <other_name>

Whenever or are seen by the browser (if you have auto resolve turned on), they will be translated to their corresponding names.

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