Security and The Internet of Things

In a world where, increasingly, EVERYTHING is linked together by internet, bluetooth, and technology at large, security is at its utmost importance. However- and who is to say whether we choose ignorance as bliss or just are too trusting- many do not even realize how much of their private lives are basically on a buffet table at a party hosted by Internet.

An interesting look at the expansion and effects of “The Internet of Things.”

Insecurity and the Internet of Things Part 1: Data, Data Everywhere

The Newest D in BYOD

So maybe it is not entirely new, but the tech world always loves a new iPhone launch.

TechNewsWorld: Apple Mixes It Up with Sleek, Splashy iPhones

Apple Mixes It Up With Sleek, Splashy iPhones


The MetaFlows Security System is well equipped to detect and help protect- or protect against- those pesky ‘outsider’ devices.