NSA Blame Game: Technology is “Too Complex”

The NSA has a hard time keeping its technology under control. It’s Alive!!! Or maybe they just need to be more careful with the power they are given through the technology they have!

NSA says illegal data collection was caused by too complex tech

The NSA chocks it up to a “lack of shared understanding.” When it comes to network security, the MetaFlows Security System can make sure that there is no lack of understanding, and that all queried reports contain exactly the information you are looking for!


Emerging Threats Covers Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday each month is when Microsoft releases all of it’s latest security patches for new vulnerabilities in it’s software. Emerging Threats publishes this post to show which of those vulnerabilities are covered and how.

Emerging Threats Patch Tuesday


Find out more about how Emerging Threats helps make MetaFlows the strongest IDS/IPS system available.

The Newest D in BYOD

So maybe it is not entirely new, but the tech world always loves a new iPhone launch.

TechNewsWorld: Apple Mixes It Up with Sleek, Splashy iPhones

Apple Mixes It Up With Sleek, Splashy iPhones


The MetaFlows Security System is well equipped to detect and help protect- or protect against- those pesky ‘outsider’ devices.

SC Magazine Review

Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

The idea behind this Innovator’s service is that one can place sensors strategically around an enterprise and send the outputs to the cloud where advanced processing performs a host of security functions to result in more efficient, faster and more accurate functions than doing the same ones on-premises. Add global intelligence gathering to give depth and breadth to the core data available and you have the MetaFlows Security System (MSS).
In terms of Network Security, SC Magazine knows how to zero in on the important. As part of their end of year review of the best products, they felt inclined to mention us. And not just mention us, but review us.

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An IPS on Steroids

“An IPS on Steroids: MetaFlows Security System”

The secret behind the MetaFlows Security System (MSS) is that it really is a hybrid application. It collects data on the network and acts on malicious activity. So far, this is just about the same as any intrusion prevention system (IPS). But don’t be fooled. This is not just any IPS. Because it is a hybrid application – local and cloud-based – users get a lot of benefit from the cloud piece that are not available from a standard IPS. For example, a typical IPS gets its updates at whatever update interval the vendor determines. The updates usually are based on the efforts of the vendor’s threat assessment laboratory. Not so for MSS.
Peter Stephenson’s First Look at the MSS

Syria and The Impending Cyber War

CNN discusses the rise of Cyber attacks and how war has now gained another frontier.

SEA: Syria Electronic Army- Report from CNN

First Wave of A Bigger War?

Find out more about how MetaFlows is working to protect companies from foreign threats, and could likely have stopped the recent meltdowns at the New York Times.

Dear CSO, Do You Know How to Build Security Culture?

Creating a security culture is not easy, but it is definitely beneficial. Click the link for some helpful and interesting points.

Dear CSO, do you know how to build security culture?

With so many points of access to your network, you need manageable visibility and protection, especially if you do not have a strong security culture.

Fake Facebook “Pages You Might Like” Emails Deliver Malware

Something to keep in mind for those without tight Policy violation monitoring

Fake Facebook “Pages you might like” emails deliver malware.


We all agree that the biggest threat is often user negligence, and since you can not control every user in your network like a marionette (unfortunately), then malware is a network security issue. But it is one that can be solved

Malware Sophistication Worries IT Leaders

An Interesting Article about why malware detection and prevention is so relevant, and how it is only becoming more so.

Malware sophistication worries IT leaders.


… As it should. Are you a worried IT leader? Click here to find out more about how you can successfully defeat Malware in your network.

Soft IPS: Protecting Your Network Passively and Proficiently

Welcome to the MetaFlows Blog’s First Feature of the Month!

This month, we thought we would start things off right by spotlighting our proprietary, groundbreaking Soft IPS technology.

The long and short of it: Soft IPS enables you to block threatening traffic passively, or not in line. The benefits to being able to effectively stop threats without being in line are many. For starters, your security is more secure- it isn’t a threat in itself and your network can continue uninterrupted. No firewall modifications are needed after every major event and threats can be blocked in real time!


But HOW?! If you are more technically inclined, please read on to see how, through reverse engineering the Great Wall of China, we are able to make accomplish such things!

MetaFlows’ Soft IPS technology blocks unwanted traffic in passive mode. MetaFlows’ Soft IPS does this by injecting spoofed TCP packets into the network to disrupt unwanted communications. This idea (also employed by the Great Firewall of China) is coupled with a new algorithm that will safely predict what traffic to block based on observed communication patterns

Uses powerful active response technology to block unwanted traffic (Bots, spyware, P2P, etc..) and actively learns which hosts on a network need to be isolated.

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