Escaping the Jurassic: Getting Technical at Black Hat

EvolutionThe cyber security world can feel like a competitive scenario, eat or be eaten. However within our own community, the truth is quite a bit different. MetaFlows belongs to a cyber security community and Black Hat is a conference about that community. In their own words, “For more than 16 years, Black Hat has provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment.” It is a place to meet with the nation’s top security teams about the most cutting edge security issues and solutions.

As a company, attendance at conferences like Black Hat give us an opportunity to contribute in a very concrete way to the intelligence community. Survival has very little to do with being the biggest and the strongest but has everything to do with adaptability. By continually communicating with the security community, our service remains flexible enough to meet emerging threats. The MetaFlows Security System is a multi-faceted approach to enterprise security and that means, of course, staying relevant.

Black Hat allows the MetaFlows team to not only present our unique security solution, but to also connect with fellow security professionals, current customers, and future customers. Our kiosk will have an interactive display and our engineers will be available to explain what it is we do and why it is effective. We look forward to the opportunity to actively participate in the ongoing security dialog. Our continually evolving product is fully scalable to meet the needs of modest business to massive enterprise.