MetaFlows Launches Low-cost SaaS Product That Unifies network Security

MetaFlows Security System uses a combination of open source and proprietary technologies to reduce costs and support off-the-shelf hardware

By Lucian Constantin, IDG News Service
January 30, 2012 10:20 AM ET

Network security monitoring startup MetaFlows launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that can be installed on low-cost hardware to monitor network traffic flow, detect possible intrusions and analyze event logs.

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MetaFlows Announces Software-Based IDPS, Enables IDPS Hardware for 1/10 the Price

SaaS-based Global Correlation System Cuts False Positives, Improves Productivity
SAN DIEGO, CA, January 30, 2012 — MetaFlows, Inc., a startup focused on leveraging emerging cloud and virtualization technologies for the next generation of network security solutions, has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that allows IT managers to easily implement high-performance Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDPS) using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. This technology allows users to load balance existing IDPS applications (like Snort or Suricata) on commodity multi-core processors like the Intel I7, thus slashing the cost of network security hardware by at least an order of magnitude.
Until now, only proprietary machines that cost around $50,000 could run parallel streams of traffic on an IDPS system. The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) is a software-based solution that can divide traffic into multiple streams and process each of them on a separate CPU core to monitor up to 10 Gbps of sustained network throughput on standard, off-the-shelf servers costing $4,000 or less. The MSS extends the capabilities of common hardware to do packet filtering and web filtering as well, providing effective protection against cyber threats.
But perhaps the biggest achievement of the MSS software is that it lets users find security issues more quickly and more reliably. This is because the MSS performs intra-domain correlation of an unprecedented range of security event information (Network and Host IDS, Event Logs, Vulnerability Data), flows and dynamic reputation intelligence feeds.
“MetaFlows SaaS ensures security analysts deliver qualitative reporting by minimizing routine data center configuration and false positives, and it does this while minimizing capital and operational costs,” said Joshua Konkle, CISSP #39157 and Vice President of DCIG

The MSS’s, real-time, browser-based security console ranks events using a new predictive global correlation system mathematically similar to Google’s page ranking algorithm. Important events show up at the top and users can prevent, quickly investigate and remediate security and usage policies issues before they become critical.
“Businesses and other organizations benefit from our software because it affords them a level of security, network awareness and processing efficiency that has only been available to enterprises with large security budgets,” said Livio Ricciulli, CEO and Chief Research Scientist of MetaFlows. “MetaFlows customers get that same performance and even better security through more accurate event and flow analysis for a tenth of the price.”
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Network Security Performance Tuning by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part II

By Joshua L. Konkle

Network security monitoring is a constantly changing environment of both tools and methodologies. Most of them today, however, have used a lone “cowboy” mentality where datacenter solutions operate independently. MetaFlows is changing that. Today, I am continuing my interview with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, discussing how their product is optimizing network security monitoring and performance.

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Network Security Monitoring Delivered Through a Software as a Service Model by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part I

By Joshua L. Konkle

Enterprise organizations face the daily challenge of ever-growing threats to their network and IT infrastructure. Not only are these threats growing, but they are constantly changing as well, forcing companies to adapt by changing not only their tools but also their training. Today, I’m talking with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli about howMetaFlows is addressing these problems by delivering network security monitoring using the “Software as a Service” model.


MetaFlows Showcases a Novel Security-as-a-Service Approach at SC10 SCinet

Cloud Computing Concept Meets Supercharged Open-Source Network Security Tools at SC10

REDLANDS, CA, November 12, 2010 — MetaFlows, Inc., a startup focused on leveraging emerging cloud/virtualization technologies for the next generation of network security solutions, will debut an innovative network security monitoring system as part of the SC10 networking infrastructure called ?SCinet?. By monitoring SCinet?s diverse and high throughput network, MetaFlows aims to demonstrate that its new network security monitoring (?NSM?) system, the world?s first fully SaaS-based system, is ?ready for the big leagues.? If successful, it would also signal the realization of a new cost-cutting paradigm shift the network security industry -and its patrons- have been waiting for.

Founded upon battle-hardened, open-source resources (Emerging Threats signatures, Cyber-TA?s BotHunter dialog-based correlator, Sourcefire?s Snort VRT, etc.), MetaFlows? NSM reconciles and ranks IDS, flow, and active (local AND global) intelligence through a revolutionary predictive global correlation system based on Google?s page ranking algorithm, better revealing true positives while significantly cutting down on false-positive clutter. MetaFlows? NSM then delivers and unifies these results, along with log management, through the world?s first fully SaaS-based, real-time security console with easy-to-use forensic tools for deep event analysis. To cap it all off, MetaFlows? Open-Sensor Technology? helps NSM subscribers save thousands more dollars per year by granting them the ability to use almost any off-the-shelf sensor hardware they prefer or, via Linux/FreeBSD or virtual machines, use their preexisting hardware.

?At SC10, we expect to show the world that these technologies are now fully matured and able to handle the most demanding of environments,? said Livio Ricciulli, Founder and Chief Scientist of MetaFlows. ?The HPC community should find our fully SaaS-based security console and predictive global correlation technologies especially interesting, because they afford HPC admins and their MSSPs the levels of secure mobility and efficiency they?ve always needed but have never seen before.?

MetaFlows? NSM will be active throughout SC10, and MetaFlows Chief Scientist, Livio Ricciulli, will be available to answer any questions you might have about it, November 14th through the 19th.

If you are interested in a live demonstration of MetaFlows NSM while at SC10, Livio Ricciulli would be happy to personally demo the system and get your feedback. Simply RSVP with MetaFlows? press contact, Jude Calvillo (, to arrange a meeting.

About MetaFlows, Inc.

MetaFlows, Inc. is a California-based corporation currently working to bring the world?s first fully SaaS-based IDS management solution to market, a solution so revolutionary in infrastructure and intelligence that it will unavoidably slash the costs and complexity of network security monitoring while actually improving upon event analysis and remediation response time(s). MetaFlows is partially funded by the National Science Foundation and SRI International and is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of success in network security ventures. For more information on MetaFlows, please visit:

About SC10

SC10, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) offers a complete technical education program and exhibition to showcase the many ways high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis lead to advances in scientific discovery, research, education and commerce. This premier international conference includes a globally attended technical program, workshops, tutorials, a world class exhibit area, demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on learning. For more information on SC10, please visit:


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