MetaFlows: SC Magazine Innovators Hall of Fame

Our friends at SC Magazine have inducted us into the SC Magazine Innovators Hall of Fame. It is nice to be recognized for our innovations. Importantly, this is purely based on their journalistic curiosity; we give them props for performing their reviews based on sound technical knowledge. We refuse to pay money for recognition. You … Continue reading “MetaFlows: SC Magazine Innovators Hall of Fame”

How to Stop Malware in the Cloud

Moving digital assets to the public cloud reduces costs and increases productivity, but it poses some new information security challenges. Specifically, many IDPS that were designed for the on-premises network come up short when deployed in the public cloud. Public cloud providers have built-in security layers to manage information security using their own security monitoring … Continue reading “How to Stop Malware in the Cloud”

A New Way to Secure SSL/TLS Traffic

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS), are the primary means of securing traffic between web browsers and web servers. Organizations need to detect and prevent network-based compromises that can be carried through SSL/TLS traffic, but many legacy solutions present problems. SSL/TLS interception is usually achieved by proxying the encrypted sessions … Continue reading “A New Way to Secure SSL/TLS Traffic”

Common Threads in Black Hat 2015

When discussing the need for tighter, and better cyber-security one of the common themes discussed at Black Hat centered around the lack of research and preparation on the part of software developers.  Katie Moussouris, in speaking at the special event, “Beyond the Gender Gap:  Empowering Women in Security,” mentioned that her career revolved round encouraging … Continue reading “Common Threads in Black Hat 2015”

MetaFlows in the Top-20 Security Companies for 2015

CIOReview Magazine has selected MetaFlows as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies in 2015. In the article Cost Effectively Tackling Advanced Security Threats, we outline our approach to the security challenges for the upcoming decade.  The internet is shifting from a client/server paradigm to a peer-to-peer, mobile environment.  Your Network Perimeter is Dissolving Heuristic-based … Continue reading “MetaFlows in the Top-20 Security Companies for 2015”

New Packet Logging and File Carving

Packet Logging and File Carving Being able to go back and look at the payloads or files transmitted on a network is extremely useful for several reasons: If you do not have the payload, you cannot really prove malicious intent, and legally you are on the hook. Payloads/Files are the ultimate forensic tool to decide … Continue reading “New Packet Logging and File Carving”

SC Magazine Review

The idea behind this Innovator’s service is that one can place sensors strategically around an enterprise and send the outputs to the cloud where advanced processing performs a host of security functions to result in more efficient, faster and more accurate functions than doing the same ones on-premises. Add global intelligence gathering to give depth … Continue reading “SC Magazine Review”

Network Security Monitoring Delivered Through a Software as a Service Model by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part I

By Joshua L. Konkle Enterprise organizations face the daily challenge of ever-growing threats to their network and IT infrastructure. Not only are these threats growing, but they are constantly changing as well, forcing companies to adapt by changing not only their tools but also their training. Today, I’m talking with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli about … Continue reading “Network Security Monitoring Delivered Through a Software as a Service Model by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part I”